Call for free public transport for the cricket

Weatherill Labor Government must provide free public transport for the cricket

Tuesday, 24 November, 2015


The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Labor Government to provide free public transport for the upcoming day-night test at Adelaide Oval.


On Friday, Adelaide Oval will host the world’s first day-night test; general admission tickets for the first two days are already sold out.


“If the Government can put on free public transport for AFL games, then the Government can put on free public transport for the cricket,” said Shadow Transport Minister Corey Wingard.


“A number of major events have had free public transport, including the Adelaide United vs Liverpool match and the AC/DC concert.


“Why isn’t there free public transport for this Test match?


“The Weatherill Labor Government should be doing everything it can to encourage cricket fans to take public transport to avoid traffic chaos in the city, particularly with the number of parking challenges around Adelaide Oval.


“We should also be encouraging people to use public transport so that they don’t drink and drive.


“However, as it currently stands, people wanting to use public transport to get to the Test match will have to pay a full fare, despite the first two days having similar crowds to the AFL which has free transport options.


“This is one of the biggest sporting events for the year in Adelaide, and it’s ridiculous that free public transport hasn’t been provided.

“Come on Minister Mullighan – don’t be a bad sport.”


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