DesignWorks Studio Visit

What an experience! Only weeks after the premiere of Atlantis Untold in the GU Film House Glenelg, I was lucky enough to have a tour of where it all began in the DesignWorks Studio.

Atlantis Untold is a movie that was filmed completely in South Australia, with an aim to help the younger generation follow their dreams. The hard work of Nigel and Margie is now paying off, with the premiere of the movie being a huge success. Filming for the movie began in 2015 and a large amount of it was conducted in the Somerton Park Studio. Other locations such as the Yorke Peninsula and the south east play a part in the film. 

It also showcases the talented people from our local community, including members of the Rotary Club of Somerton Park and students from Brighton Primary School, Seacliff Primary School and Seaview Downs Primary School.


Throughout the tour of the studio, Nigel and Margie gave a fantastic insight into every detail that is required for a movie to come together. It was incredible to witness the work that they did with minimal resources to rely on. The way the green screen was able to manipulate scenes to make viewing so realistic was unbelievable. The sound of the film is terrific and if watched in the cinema the full surround sound experience can be had.

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