Darlington Interchange Upgrade

On Sunday the Minister for Transport, and the Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure, Jamie Briggs MP, announced the revised plan to the Darlington Interchange. 

In the wake of transport forums in Sheidow Park/Trott Park and Reynella, as well as subsequent community meetings in Sturt and Darlington last year, a number of residents raised issues during the planning stages for the Darlington Interchange which I took to the government.

Funding and finding a suitable solution for this project was one of my key priorities upon being elected.  After attending departmental briefings, having one on one meetings with the department representatives, speaking with the Minister, and discussing the interchange in Parliament I was strong in my push to make sure any benefits of this $620 million project were received by all members of our community especially the people in Sheidow Park and Trott Park, given that they were overlooked in the Southern Expressway Project by not being given an on/off ramp at Major’s Road. 

 I am delighted to say that the Department and the Government have listened, and they have significantly reworked their plans from the initial consultation, allowing Main South Road users and Southern Expressway users to equally bypass traffic intersections which will enable them to get full benefit from this infrastructure spend.

Sturt & Marion Road Intersection:

I have been informed that there are currently no final plans for the intersection at Marion Road and Sturt Road, so that element of the project was not featured on Sunday’s announcement.  I have spoken with the Minister’s Office and the Department of Planning, Transport, and Infrastructure, who have promised me a briefing on the intersection once plans are finalised in approximately four weeks.

While I am assured that the intersection will be upgraded in the initial stages of the Darlington Upgrade, the impact on local residents should be minimal. 


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Department Information: 

Current Concept Scheme

At the time of the project announcement in mid 2014, a concept design was released for public comment. The key features of this design are:

A new lowered road on the western side of South Road that will allow non-stop flow of traffic from the Southern Expressway to the Ayliffes Road intersection with South Road.

A parallel surface road (an upgraded South Road) along the current South Road alignment to ensure all existing arterial and local road connections remain in place and operate as they do now.

The extension of Flinders Drive from South Road to Sturt Road to enable more efficient public transport access to Flinders Medical Centre, Flinders Private Hospital and Flinders University.

Alternate Concept Scheme

The key features of the alternative concept scheme will include:

A non-stop motorway between the Southern Expressway and the Ayliffes Road/Shepherds Hill Road intersection.

A lowered, non-stop motorway passing underneath Flinders Drive and Sturt Road

Main South Road (at grade) service roads along both sides of the lowered motorway to provide connections to Flinders Drive, Sturt Road and most local roads

Full free flow interchange at the Southern Expressway/Main South Road with dedicated ramps providing direct access to the new motorway and Main South Road

Enhanced overall traffic performance with the majority of traffic wanting to pass through the local area able to do so through the motorway, leaving only local traffic using Main South Road (at grade) service roads

Improved safety for pedestrians and cyclists due to Main South Road (at grade) being positioned on the outside of the motorway, resulting in smaller, staged intersections and crossing points

No impact to Main South Road/Ayliffes Road Intersection. The design has taken into consideration the future transport needs of Adelaide and allows for connection to the next stage of the North-South Corridor when it is upgraded in the future.

Minor intersection upgrade works will also be undertaken at the Marion Road/Sturt Road intersection to cater for the redistribution of traffic during the construction period.

View the alternative concept scheme.

Watch the video:

Download the new documents: 

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Old concept:


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