Cuts to our local Hospitals

Given the confusion surrounding the Government's much publicised Transforming Health Plan in recent weeks I have had a number of people contacting my office to know what it means for our community.

1. Repat Hospital. This will close. The government has not outlined exactly where all the services that are currently delivered at the Repat will be relocated. Not surprisingly, many Veterans are alarmed by this cut to SA's health service and I will keep pushing for an explanation for all South Australians.

2. Noarlunga Emergency Department. This has also been unclear. While the SA Labor government says the ED will remain they also say it will not handle "all emergencies". This is confusing and people are coming to me asking which hospital they should if they get sick? Sadly that doesn't have a clear answer and I'm trying to get the government to give a clear explanation.

3. Flinders Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

This is close to my heart having had my youngest daughter helped by this unit when she was born. I'm glad to say with strong rallying and protests some of the initial cuts were reversed but some control of the unit has been taken away and I am getting an update on the impact that is having on the unit. 

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