South Australia's surging cost of living

The State Liberals are calling on the Weatherill Government to recognise the detrimental impact its policies are having on the cost of living for many South Australians and take decisive action to ease the pressures it has created.

“South Australia’s surging electricity prices, punishing water prices, the savage increase in the Emergency Services Levy and ever rising council rates have created a perfect storm for struggling households,” said Shadow Minister for Cost of Living Corey Wingard.

“The Weatherill Government can act now by restoring the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) remission it removed in 2014, legislate rate capping for local government and initiate an independent inquiry into the price of water in South Australia.

“The savage increases in the ESL tax in 2014, followed by further hikes in 2015 and 2016, have created genuine hardship for too many South Australians homeowners.

“Ever increasing council rates are another significant burden on struggling South Australian households yet the Weatherill Government refuses to adopt the rate capping policy that is now in place in New South Wales and Victoria.

“The State Liberals have long called for an independent inquiry into South Australia’s extremely high water prices.

“The Weatherill Government has consistently refused to establish an independent review because such an inquiry will expose the hidden tax it gouges out of South Australians’ water use.

“The Weatherill Government’s disastrous energy policies have driven up the price of electricity for every South Australian connected to the grid.

“South Australia’s surging electricity prices are particularly devastating when the state is suffering from high unemployment as it impacts on both the cost of living and job opportunities.

“Households dependent on part-time and casual employment are highly vulnerable to increasing electricity prices and shrinking job opportunities.”

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