Community Recognition Awards

Congratulations to the 2016 Community Recognition Award Winners!

A great night was had by all at the 2016 Winter Warmer where we recognised some wonderful members of the Mitchell Community. 

Our winners were Jourdan Fairbank, Kane Marshall, Jarrod Lamshed, Marie Sheridan and Neela Sivakumaran.

Keep and eye on Corey's facebook page where we will be sharing more details about the award winners over the coming days.

A big thank you to local family owned Patritti Wines in Dover Gardens who did a wonderful job hosting the night. 

You can find more information about Patritti Wines on their website.

Here is a copy of the two speeches Corey gave in Parliament about his Community Recognition Awards Night:

Mr WINGARD ( Mitchell ) ( 15:06 :20 ): I rise today to speak about a community awards presentation I held at Patritti Wines in Dover Gardens recently. More than 100 people attended to celebrate some outstanding people in our local area. Meeting with people in the electorate, I am always hearing about people doing fabulous things for others and people who are generally doing great things for our local area. It is often the small things that make the biggest difference in a community, and I want these people to be acknowledged.

Through my newsletter, local schools and community organisations I asked for nominations to identify those who just quietly go about helping others and contributing to the local area but who are not often recognised. I had such a terrific response, and as such I acknowledge and celebrate five award recipients.

I also want to say a big thank you to Ines Patritti from Patritti Wines in Dover Gardens, who helped put on the event; Total Tools, Lonsdale, who supported it; the Warradale Hotel; Zorich Sports/Sports Power at Glenelg; and the SA Aquatic Centre. My wife, family and friends also helped support the night with some food. It was a great environment in which to acknowledge these fantastic people. Also, thanks go to Seaview High School's school captains, Jake Beaumont and Rachael Jaala Rattus, who attended. Rachael sang and her brother played keyboard, and they were absolutely outstanding and also helped to raise some funds for Operation Flinders, the Seaview chapter.

It was a brilliant night, and the first person we acknowledged was a gentleman by the name of Jarrod Lamshed. He is a passionate and dedicated teacher at Woodend Primary School. He initiated a fantastic program with the year 6s and 7s to prevent future domestic violence by breaking down stereotypes and discussing what masculinity and respect really mean. He used a very innovative approach for the discussion, using Twitter and the hashtag #westandtall. Students posted a photo of themselves with their own comments about masculinity, respect and stereotypes.

I encourage everyone to search for #westandtall to see the photos and comments Jarrod and his students put out there for the world to see. The maturity of the students' comments is a credit to Jarrod and the way he went about running this program. I have seen a number of these students in our community throughout time, and the great respect they show to me is again a credit to the way he ran this program. They are highly respectful and a wonderful addition to our community. Jarrod's family was also there, and they were very proud of his award. I would like to congratulate Jarrod Lamshed on being one of our community award winners.

The second award winner was a young lad by the name of Kane Marshall, who was this year named Reynella Cricket Club's Junior Player of the Year for 2015-16. His dad, Kym, and mum, Sandra, were also there. Kane has also been heavily involved for a number of years as a player with the Reynella Football Club, the Wineflies, but this year he joined up with the Southern Football League to be a boundary umpire for 2016 season, trying to keep his fitness up so that he can continue with his cricket.

I also saw him heavily involved with the All Abilities Cricket as an assistant coach at the Reynella Cricket Club. He was always there helping out kids a little less fortunate, making sure they had a smile on their face and they were enjoying playing the game of cricket. Kane has a true passion for cricket and loves to share it with his community, and I acknowledge him for that. He was also recognised as a student leader when he attended Woodend Primary School, and now at Reynella East High School he is an active member of their Aboriginal support group, another great accolade for this young man. He is a wonderful role model to his peers and has shown what can be achieved if you work hard and set your eyes on a dream. Congratulations to Kane.

Jourdan Fairbank was our third award winner. Jourdan has had an amazing career working with vulnerable animals in our community. She runs a charity called Be the Change Animal Shelter in Reynella to look after animals in need and to find new adoptive parents for them. She worked tirelessly during the recent bushfire crisis, taking care of pets and animals that had been affected. The charity is a 100 per cent not-for-profit organisation that relies on donations from the public. She works hard to house animals in need and gives selflessly to care for vulnerable animals. Her husband, Danny, was also in attendance; they have three children and have a very busy life. It is a brilliant example of what people do to give back to the local community, and I commend Jourdan.

Mr WINGARD (Mitchell) (15:37:24): I rise today to continue my remarks about my community recognition awards. The fourth award winner is Neela Sivakumaran. Neela came to Australia in 2009 as a refugee. She is a young leader, mentor and well-respected member of the Tamil community in South Australia. She attended Seaview High School and excelled in her studies. She was accepted into Flinders University to study medical science.

Over the past five years, she has worked voluntarily for the Ceylon Tamil Association, sacrificing her weekends to help the community however she can. Some of her work includes teaching English, providing translating services, writing their newsletter, being a mentor to the youth group and providing English language services for the day-to-day issues associated with finding your way in a new country, such as negotiating rent agreements, getting medical assistance and paying your general household bills.

Neela gives back to the community at every opportunity and is a wonderful young leader and role model to those around her. She has led an extraordinary life for a young person, and what she is doing to help her community is absolutely outstanding. It is great to recognise her on this occasion. I would also like to acknowledge community member, Heather Watt, who nominated Neela. Heather responded to the application in my newsletter, and she felt that Neela was so worthy she put in the application which was received and greatly appreciated.

The fifth and final community award winner is Marie Sheridan. Marie is a very talented local artist in our area. She exhibits a variety of works and mediums at the Marion Cultural Centre on a regular basis. She shares her knowledge and skills at the Cooinda Neighbourhood Centre where she teaches china painting, and at the Porcelain Art Centre in Norwood.

I recently went to the Cooinda Neighbourhood Centre to see Marie in action. It was outstanding to see her wonderful work, and the way she worked so calmly and cohesively with members of the community, as she taught them the very intricate method of porcelain art painting. It was admirable to see the way she worked with her students, and the way in which they respected and appreciated the wonderful energy she gave them, and the teachings that she passed on with her incredible skills.

Marie is President of the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers association (APAT). She is also an awesome, caring and loving grandmother to three grandkids. She often collects her two younger grandchildren after school and looks after them until their parents get home. Marie is another great member of our community who is doing wonderful things to help others, and she does it in such a special way, without any fuss or recognition. Having seen her in action, it is a real credit to her and a great acquisition to our community to have Marie doing the work she does. I would like to thank her again, as the fifth recipient of the community awards we held a few weeks ago.

Finally, I would also like to thank my staff, who did a marvellous job helping pull the night together. I mentioned my family, but my staff were outstanding—in particular, Emma Andrew and Allison Mildren. As I previously mentioned, it was held at Patritti Wines, and I thank them and their team for doing a wonderful job as well. It turned out to be the very last day on the job in my office for my trainee, Jasmine Pollock, and I would like to recognise her work.

Jasmine was with us for about 12 months and she was outstanding. She graduated from Hallett Cove School R-12 a few years ago, and she joined our team. Jasmine came in inquisitive from day 1, questioning and with a keen interest to learn about our community, and about working in administration in our office. She took every challenge as an opportunity. At the end of her traineeship, it was evident to see how much she had learned and applied from her TAFE studies within her role in our office.

I am very proud of Jasmine's progress and of the way she took advantage of the traineeship opportunities and secured full-time employment in the private sector as a result. A big congratulations to her. Jasmine was always friendly, helpful and welcoming to constituents in the office, and I am very thankful for the work she did to assist so many people who sought my help. Jasmine had a great eye for creativity and for thinking outside the square, which will no doubt continue to be an asset for her in future endeavours.

I see the traineeship as a two-way street; as much as Jasmine has been able to benefit from the experience, she has also benefited and taught me and my office staff a lot as well. She has left her mark. I would sincerely like to thank her for her contribution and for being such a friendly staff member, and wish her the very best in her future endeavours.

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