Community Recognition Award Winner Neela Sivakumaran

Mr WINGARD (Mitchell) (15:37:24): I rise today to continue my remarks about my community recognition awards. The fourth award winner is Neela Sivakumaran. Neela came to Australia in 2009 as a refugee. She is a young leader, mentor and well-respected member of the Tamil community in South Australia. She attended Seaview High School and excelled in her studies. She was accepted into Flinders University to study medical science. 

Over the past five years, she has worked voluntarily for the Ceylon Tamil Association, sacrificing her weekends to help the community however she can. Some of her work includes teaching English, providing translating services, writing their newsletter, being a mentor to the youth group and providing English language services for the day-to-day issues associated with finding your way in a new country, such as negotiating rent agreements, getting medical assistance and paying your general household bills.

Neela gives back to the community at every opportunity and is a wonderful young leader and role model to those around her. She has led an extraordinary life for a young person, and what she is doing to help her community is absolutely outstanding. It is great to recognise her on this occasion. I would also like to acknowledge community member, Heather Watt, who nominated Neela. Heather responded to the application in my newsletter, and she felt that Neela was so worthy she put in the application which was received and greatly appreciated. 

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