Community Recognition Award Winner Marie Sheridan

Mr WINGARD (Mitchell) (15:37:24): I rise today to continue my remarks about my community recognition awards. The fifth and final community award winner is Marie Sheridan. Marie is a very talented local artist in our area. She exhibits a variety of works and mediums at the Marion Cultural Centre on a regular basis. She shares her knowledge and skills at the Cooinda Neighbourhood Centre where she teaches china painting, and at the Porcelain Art Centre in Norwood.

I recently went to the Cooinda Neighbourhood Centre to see Marie in action. It was outstanding to see her wonderful work, and the way she worked so calmly and cohesively with members of the community, as she taught them the very intricate method of porcelain art painting. It was admirable to see the way she worked with her students, and the way in which they respected and appreciated the wonderful energy she gave them, and the teachings that she passed on with her incredible skills.

Marie is President of the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers association (APAT). She is also an awesome, caring and loving grandmother to three grandkids. She often collects her two younger grandchildren after school and looks after them until their parents get home.

Marie is another great member of our community who is doing wonderful things to help others, and she does it in such a special way, without any fuss or recognition. Having seen her in action, it is a real credit to her and a great acquisition to our community to have Marie doing the work she does. I would like to thank her again, as the fifth recipient of the community awards we held a few weeks ago.

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