Community Recognition Award Winner Jarrod Lamshed

Mr WINGARD (Mitchell) (15:06): I rise today to speak about a community awards presentation I held at Patritti Wines in Dover Gardens recently. More than 100 people attended to celebrate some outstanding people in our local area. Meeting with people in the electorate, I am always hearing about people doing fabulous things for others and people who are generally doing great things for our local area. It is often the small things that make the biggest difference in a community, and I want these people to be acknowledged.

Through my newsletter, local schools and community organisations I asked for nominations to identify those who just quietly go about helping others and contributing to the local area but who are not often recognised. I had such a terrific response, and as such I acknowledge and celebrate five award recipients.

I also want to say a big thank you to Ines Patritti from Patritti Wines in Dover Gardens, who helped put on the event; Total Tools, Lonsdale, who supported it; the Warradale Hotel; Zorich Sports/Sports Power at Glenelg; and the SA Aquatic Centre. My wife, family and friends also helped support the night with some food. It was a great environment in which to acknowledge these fantastic people.

Also, thanks go to Seaview High School's school captains, Jake Beaumont and Rachael Jaala Rattus, who attended. Rachael sang and her brother played keyboard, and they were absolutely outstanding and also helped to raise some funds for operation Flinders, the Seaview chapter.

It was a brilliant night, and the first person we acknowledged was a gentleman by the name of Jarrod Lamshed. He is a passionate and dedicated teacher at Woodend Primary School. He initiated a fantastic program with the year 6s and 7s to prevent future domestic violence by breaking down stereotypes and discussing what masculinity and respect really mean. He used a very innovative approach for the discussion, using Twitter and the hashtag #westandtall. Students posted a photo of themselves with their own comments about masculinity, respect and stereotypes.

I encourage everyone to search for #westandtall to see the photos and comments Jarrod and his students put out there for the world to see. The maturity of the students' comments is a credit to Jarrod and the way he went about running this program. I have seen a number of these students in our community throughout time, and the great respect they show to me is again a credit to the way he ran this program. They are highly respectful and a wonderful addition to our community. Jarrod's family was also there, and they very proud of his award. I would like to congratulate Jarrod Lamshed on being one of our community award winners.

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