Community Meeting Outcome - Sturt and Darlington Noise Wall

Thank you to everyone who came to the follow up community meeting regarding the noise wall in Sturt and Darlington and to everyone who could not attend but who provided feedback.  At the meeting, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) presented computer generated images of what a Colourbond fence would look like to cover the ‘rusty looking’ façade of the noise wall.

There was unanimous support for the Colourbond fence to be installed from the feedback provided and the colour of the fence will be ‘Wilderness Green’, also known as ‘Pale Eucalypt’.   This colour decision was based on community feedback as well as what would tie in best with the surrounding fences and environment so that it will blend in as best as possible and be aesthetically pleasing. Capping will also be put along the top however the vertical steel posts will still be visible as depicted in the images.

DPTI representatives advised at the meeting that the installation of the fence could begin in 3 weeks and that it will take 12 weeks to complete. As such, it is anticipated that the fence will be completely installed by the last week of September 2015.

The instillation of the Colourbond fence is being installed to address the aesthetic issues of the ‘rusty looking’ noise wall.  It is not designed to be an element of noise mitigation treatments along the Southern Expressway.


To view the fencing designs mentioned, please click here.

Noise Mitigation

Questions were raised about the results of the most recent noise testing that was conducted in February 2015.  The noise testing reported that while noise levels have gone up in the area, the levels were still within guidelines and are acceptable by the EPA regulations.  DPTI stressed that the report takes an average and that their noise mitigation modelling is set for 15 years.

DPTI advised that the report can be made available and a copy will be given to the Mitchell Electorate Office for residents to view.  As soon as I have a copy of this report, I will notify residents and make a copy available to anyone interested.

If any residents believe noise mitigation works have not been installed or completed to the standard advised by DPTI throughout the South Expressway Project consultation period and you have written notice from the Government about the works in question, please get in touch with my office.  

I would like to thank everyone who has brought issues surrounding the noise wall to my attention and to everyone who has kept me up to date over the past year with information on what works have been delayed or not finished to an acceptable community standard in their street.  It has been a great experience to work with a proactive group of community members and achieve a result that everyone has had the opportunity to participate in.   


CONTACTS – the follow contact information was requested at the meeting:

For general information including vegetation and planting specifics:
DPTI Darlington Project Office: 1300 759 334 or   

For the removal of Graffiti:
Marion City Council: 8375 6600 or download the Graffiti Removal Fact Sheet

To report trail bikes or unauthorised vehicles in the O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park:
Police: 131 444 or Sturt Police Station: 8207 4700

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