Community Champion - Nick Bradley

Mr WINGARD (Mitchell) (15:11): I rise today to speak about the community awards that I held in my electorate just recently.

I did this last year and again this year. It is a great opportunity to recognise people who do great work in our local area but who often go unrecognised.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the people who received awards on the night. 

I would also like to thank Innes Patritti and the wonderful Patritti family because we held the function at their cellar door. It was a great evening for the Wingard Winter Warmer. We had the support of the Patritti family and their beautiful wines. I will talk more about them later, but a big thank you to them. 

I was proud to present a community award to Mr Nick Bradley from Warradale, who brought along his friend Josh. Nick has volunteered his time to organise and run a tennis program for vision-impaired children aged five to 12 at Somerton Park Tennis Club. This is a genuinely great program to help these young people.

If you have ever tried to play blind tennis, whether you are visually impaired or not, it is incredibly difficult, and Nick has done a great job. He says that, by the end of the six-week course, all kids could serve and rally for a short time. This is a fantastic result.

This program has enabled the kids to gain confidence in their abilities and in themselves and also allowed them to experience the atmosphere of a sports club and being a sports person, which many of them would not otherwise have experienced.

The City of Holdfast Bay awarded the Somerton Park Tennis Club its 2016 Club of the Year Award and cited Nick's vision-impaired tennis program as a major factor in the decision. 



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