Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games Motion

Speech to Parliament

30 October 2014

Mr WINGARD ( Mitchell ) ( 12:58 ): I will be very brief in my comments but I support this motion. I concur with what everyone else has said here this afternoon and congratulate all the South Australian athletes and all the athletes who took part in the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

We have mentioned some of the big names like Jess Trengove, Jack Bobridge and Anna Meares but I would like to single out a couple of athletes who come from the electorate of Mitchell. 

Two of those are teenagers Emma Adams and Jack Rossiter, both shooters from the Reynella Small Bore and Air Rifle Club. They are wonderful young athletes who did incredibly well to actually make it to the Commonwealth Games. Their club and state coach, Carrie Quigley, said they always stood a chance and their performance was very impressive, and they are earmarked for big things at the Olympic Games in Rio. 

Both Emma and Jack produced outstanding results. Jack finished 10th out of a field of 21, just out of qualifying in the top eight to go on to the final, but he did very well to finish 10th. Emma finished 14th out of a field of 28, just missing out on qualifying for the final eight to go on to the final. I commend them for their efforts. Emma is currently a student at Reynella East High School and, as I said, well on her way to going to Rio, along with Jack. 

Swimmers from the Marion Swimming Club were Sally Hunter, Matt Cowdrey and Jesse Aungles, with coach Peter Bishop. They are three great athletes. Sally won an individual silver and relay medals as well. Matt Cowdrey, who it is suggested is in the twilight of his career, came second in his swimming event, the men's freestyle S9. He was beaten by Australian teenage sensation Rowan Crothers, who set an unofficial individual world record—so a great performance there. Matt has just been a stellar performer in the Paralympic field. Jesse Aungles, as was pointed out a little earlier, is also a Paralympic swimmer and he won silver in the 200-metre individual medley. 

In closing, I hope to witness a Commonwealth Games in Adelaide in my lifetime; 2030 would be fantastic. I hope we do get those games so that we can watch many more great athletes. 

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