Collaborative conversational claptrap

The State Liberals have released a tender document from the Department of Transport showing the Weatherill Government is preparing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultant ‘conversationalists’ in the lead up to the March State election.

“The Weatherill Government needs to shelve its plans to hire a team of ‘collaborative conversationalists’ to door knock 18,000 Adelaide households as part of a ‘travel behaviour change project’,” said Shadow Minister for Employment Corey Wingard.

“The Weatherill Government is notorious for finding ways to waste taxpayers’ money but this one takes the cake.

“According to the Weatherill Government ordinary, sensible South Australians need to be told to plan journeys ahead, walk to the local shops or pay the ESL tax online.

“I’ve got some advice for the Premier – they don’t.

“What I suggest is that the Premier gets out of his plush office and does a little door knocking of his own.

“If the Premier bothered to ask ordinary South Australians himself he would discover that the best way to encourage people onto public transport is to offer a safe, efficient and inexpensive service.

“The sheer stupidity of this project leads me to wonder if this isn’t another example of the Labor Party abusing public money for political purposes.

“Door knocking with follow-up phone calls is standard practice for political candidates on the campaign trail.

“I note this campaign to convince the community to consider public transport begins in February next year, on the doorstep of the March state election.

“The Weatherill Government is spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars on trying to save its political skin.

“This is just throwing good money after bad.”

Authorised by Corey Wingard MP, Member for Gibson. Level 2, 1 Milham Street Oaklands Park SA 5046. ©Copyright / Legal / Login