Closure of Seaford & Belair Lines

Closure of rail lines will create commuter chaos

Thursday, 10 December 2015




The closure of the Belair and Seaford lines over the holiday period is the latest blow to commuters, with the Weatherill Labor Government having no-one to blame except itself.


The Weatherill Labor Government has known about cable problems on the rail network for more than 18 months.


The first incident occurred in June 2014 with the parting of a cable, and in May this year a high voltage cable snapped near a pedestrian crossing.


“The Seaford line has become nothing more than an “on-again, off-again” merry-go-round. Let’s not forget that the line was closed earlier this year as well!” said Shadow Transport Minister Corey Wingard.


“Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan must immediately apologise for this latest bungle.


“I also want Minister Mullighan to guarantee that this remediation work will take not one day longer than he has promised commuters.


“South Australian taxpayers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a new rail system that has faults less than two years after it was finished being built.


“Sadly for commuters, there will be nothing but chaos on our transport network during the closure of the Seaford and Belair rail lines.


“This is just another example of the Government’s total and utter mismanagement of our public transport system.

“Back in June, the State Liberals called for the Government to conduct a safety audit of the Seaford Rail line to guarantee community safety.

“It is completely inexcusable and outrageous that it has taken the Government this long to start fixing this problem.”

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