Thousands of jobs lost if Arrium closes

236,000 reasons to improve the job market

23 May 2016


A recently released Australian Bureau of Statistics report highlights the importance of the continued operation of Arrium and the need for better procurement practices by the State Government.

The ABS report - Barriers and Incentives to Labor Force Participation Australia July 2014 – June 2015 – found that on average 145,000 South Australians who wanted a paid job didn’t have one.

“The 145,000 South Australians wanting a job and the 91,000 underemployed lays bare the depth of the unemployment crisis confronting our State,” said Shadow Minister for Employment Corey Wingard.

“The official unemployment figure is merely the tip of iceberg regarding South Australia’s unemployment crisis - when the unemployed, underemployed and those not in the labour force are added together some 236,000 want to work or want more work than they currently have.

“These are the forgotten South Australians, left to languish in poverty, deprivation and disadvantage as a result of the failed jobs policy of the Weatherill Government.

“We need to create an economy that provides the full-time and part-time employment opportunities that those locked out of the jobs market so desperately crave.

“These figures highlight just how important it is that the Arrium steelworks in Whyalla doesn’t fail.

“To that end the Weatherill Government needs to improve its procurement practices for steel and concrete used in State Government projects.

“An FOI by the State Liberals seeking how much Australian steel and Australian concrete was used in State Government Infrastructure projects discovered : There was no reporting requirement for country of origin or amounts of steel and concrete in the contracts.

“How is the State Government going to know if Whyalla steel is being used at every opportunity is there is no reporting requirement?

“If Arrium is to survive and prosper the Weatherill Government needs to ensure Whyalla steel is being used at every opportunity.

“The Weatherill Government must also shelve its plans to jack up payroll tax on July the 1st.”

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