Clearing of Roadside Trees

Tuesday 3 March 2015

Strategic clearing of roadside trees will make our roads safer



The State Liberals will investigate opportunities for strategic clearing of roadside trees following the deaths of 10 people in tree impacts during the last year.


The move follows the Motor Accident Commission’s (MAC) calls to clear roadside trees in high-risk zones.


The State Liberals understand the environmental and aesthetic value of roadside trees. 


However, making South Australia’s roads safer, and protecting lives is of greater priority.


“After last year’s horror road toll, it is important to take all reasonable steps to reduce fatalities on South Australian roads,” said Shadow Minister for Road Safety Corey Wingard.


“Drivers do make mistakes, and clearing road-side trees in high-risk zones is one way to avoid a momentary mistake turning into a serious injury, or fatality.


“The State Liberals understand the importance of trees to our environment, so for every high-risk tree removed and unable to be relocated, native trees would be planted in safe zones across the state.


“This is a reasonable and responsible policy which will save lives each year, every year.” 

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