Christmas Cuts to Public Transport

3 December 2014

Labor to Sneak in Christmas Bus Cuts



Labor Minister for Transport, Stephen Mullighan, was unable to rule out cuts to SA Bus services during the Christmas Period and from the 2015 school year.


“I have received information that the Minister is in discussion with major South Australia Bus Contractors to axe night-time bus services between during the Christmas and New Year’s period, and to reduce the number of bus services overall once school resumes in 2015”, said Shadow Minister for Transport, Corey Wingard.


“There has been no community consultation, it is concerning that the government was just planning to sneak this under the radar


“What this means is that South Australians enjoying the holiday period, wishing to catch a bus home at night, will instead be forced to take an expensive taxi – hating those living in the outer suburbs and the Hills the most.


“Commuters using services out of peak times will also be hit in 2015, hurting shift workers, students, and the elderly.


“Services are likely to be even more irregular, and some routes will be cut all together.


“It is evident that the Minister sees our Public Transport network as a business rather than an important service to the community.”  

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