Changes to Pedestrian Access and Supporting our Local Businesses

The October Long Weekend may have given people the opportunity to get away for the weekend, but for those working on the Oaklands Crossing Project, it was all steam ahead.  It was an exciting milestone to see traffic flow over the new Morphett Road Bridge and getting a glimpse at the impressive pedestrian and cyclist bridge when it arrived on site. 

The coming months will see the start of works on the Morphett and Dunrobin Road traffic changes as well as the installation of some temporary art installations next to Morphett Road.  What a great way to promote our local artists!  Please keep an eye out for them during your travels. 

October Long Weekend Traffic Switch

Over the October Long Weekend, the Morphett Road traffic was successfully ‘switched’ to the western side of the newly constructed Morphett Road bridge.  By diverting traffic over the western side of the bridge, this has allowed the crossing to stay open while the Project Team commences construction to the east of Morphett Road.

Once completed, the Morphett Road bridge will span over the future lowered Oaklands Railway Station and railway line. The bridge will be positioned at the current ground level, with the new lowered station and rail line travelling underneath.

New Pedestrian Access Arrangements

As a result of the October Long Weekend Traffic Switch, pedestrian access in and around the project site was changed on 23 October 2018.  Pedestrians can now access both the north and south platforms from the eastern side of Morphett Road. 

Anyone needing to cross the railway line can do so at each end of the station platforms and the crossing on the western side of Morphett Road is now closed.  Road users and pedestrians are urged to take care and observe signage when passing through the area and PTP continues to have traffic controllers on site to assist. 

Please see the diagram below for further details.

Arrival of the Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge

On Monday 8 October, the 17.4 metre long bridge arrived on site ready for assembly works to begin.  The 65 tonne structure will be lifted into position in early November 2018 and will sit 5.4 metres above the railway line.  This will allow pedestrians and cyclist to safely cross the new underpass at the eastern end of the station.  It is anticipated the bridge will be open for public use in December 2018.

Support Our Local Businesses

For anyone passing through Oaklands Crossing, you can see that the project is well underway with plenty of action happening on site.  Whilst we all know how frustrating it can be when traffic isn’t flowing as smoothly as we like, please spare a thought for the local businesses who are situated in and around the construction zone.

It is important that as a community we continue to support these local businesses, so they can remain open and grow into the future.  PTP is working hard to minimise the impact construction is having on these businesses and has put together a newsletter promoting their services and special offers.  Click here to discover more.

Real Time Traffic Alerts

For real time traffic information and to help avoid delays when travelling, download the addinsight app for Apple or Android, of visit the Traffic SA website at

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the PTP hotline on 1300 205 994.

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