CFS Appreciation Day Recap

It was great to support the team from Nehco at their CFS appreciation day. We all know the brilliant work the CFS do here in South Australia. That effort was on show most recently with the brushfires around Sampson Flat.

CFS_1.jpgWe did help facilitate donations through our office (and a big thank you to everyone in our community who donated) but this was a brilliant opportunity to be involved in something more.

Joe Nehme spoke with me about his idea of a family appreciation day at Elder Park, he spoke with a few businesses for support, got his brothers involved and they rolled up their sleeves and put on a brilliant day.

It is amazing what a community can do and it was a pleasure to meet and support the Nehme family on this day and to see what they achieved. In total they raised more than $10,000 dollars for the CFS Foundation and Liz Davies was there on behalf of the foundation to thank Joe and his team for their efforts.

Again congratulations to the Nehco team and thank you. 

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