Centenary of ANZAC

This Saturday marks the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli.  So this week, around Australia and overseas, we will commemorate this anniversary.

I urge everyone to attend a service on the 25th of April, and to not let this Centenary Commemoration pass by.  I have included a list of local services for your information. 

Hallett Cove Youth Vigil Service:

Friday 24 April 2015

Heron War Reserve, Hallett Cove

7.30pm: Unveiling of new memorial

8.00pm: Performance by Marion City Band

8.30pm: Ceremony and laying of tokens of Remembrance

9.00pm: Local youth form all-night honour guard leading up to the Hallett Cove Lions Community Dawn Service


Hallett Cove Anzac Day Service

Saturday 25 April 2015

Heron War Reserve, Hallett Cove

5.45am: Anzac Day Dawn Service
6.30am: Free community breakfast


Brighton RSL Anzac Service

Saturday 25 April 2015

5.45am: March to the Arch of Remembrance, Brighton

6.00am: Dawn Service


Marion RSL Anzac Day Service

Saturday 25 April 2015

4:00am Car Park open...
5:00am Club opens all facilities

6:10am Marion RSL march to Cenotaph
6:15am Dawn Service
7:00am Gunfire breakfast in hall. BBQ sausage sizzle outside also available all day.
8:20am Bus to city for those attending ANZAC March
9:30am Musical entertainment at the Marion RSL


Morphett Vale RSL

Corner Main South Road and Flaxmill Roads

5.45am – March to Morphett Vale Oval Gates to the Memorial

6.00am – Dawn Service

Across the world, from Gallipoli to Australian and New Zealand and beyond, we will remember the sacrifice of those who fought and died there.  On the day of the Australian landing at Anzac Cove, some 750 were killed.Nearly 9,000 lost their lives at Gallipoli before the evacuation eight months later. Over 61,000 lost their lives during the Great War 

Our forebears faced terrible trials, but the worst of times brought out the very best in them, their perseverance, selflessness, courage and compassion came to define us as a nation.

Please watch my ANZAC Message below, which tells the story of local involvement in The Great War.


Below is the transcript of a speech I gave in Parliament about the ANZAC Centenary.

Mr WINGARD ( Mitchell ) ( 26 March 2015. 12:43): I also rise to speak on and support this motion that recognises ANZAC Day, 25 April 2015, commemorating the centenary of the landing at Gallipoli and also remembering all Australian service men and women, support personnel and animals that were injured, traumatised or killed in action. I will be brief because I know a lot of people want to speak on this, and many people before me have spoken about the history of World War I. It has been mentioned, and I do concur with the sentiments they all shared. Whenever I speak on ANZAC and our service men and women, I always like to start with 'Thank you.' I do not think there is much more that we can say than thank you. I have no RSL in my electorate; in fact, they spread far and wide around. I would like to also thank the people of all the RSLs who work very hard to keep the memory of the ANZACs alive with a respectful recognition of all our service men and women.

I have been to a number of these services across the way—whether they be Remembrance Day services or ANZAC services—and sometimes I have just called in to an RSL for a cold one of an afternoon. I would like to recognise the Marion RSL and Trevor Chapman, the president; Bruce Wright, the secretary; and the rest of the team for the wonderful work they do; and at the Brighton RSL, Trevor Whitelaw, the president; Paul Spencer, the secretary; Terry Howard, the treasurer; Jim Nicholson, the senior vice president; Graham Bulger, the junior vice president; Barry Coad, the assistant secretary; and the rest of their team and committee members. They do an outstanding job. In Morphett Vale, which takes in the southern part of my electorate, the president is Frank Owen OAM, and the secretary is Gordon Curtis; again, those two gentlemen and their team do a marvellous job. This year, with some great support from the member for Bright, there will be a Hallett Cove memorial service on the beach. I commend the member for Bright for the work he has done in making this happen. There will be a youth vigil at Hallett Cove, which again is another great initiative to remember the ANZACs.

There was one at Edwardstown last year, which I attended and which was very much pushed by the former mayor of the Marion council, Felicity-ann Lewis. Those youth vigils are great recognition of our ANZACs and another superb way for us to say thank you. Australian defence personnel are made up of men and women who are prepared to put their life on the line for our democracy and freedom of speech. I am proud of our veterans—heroes all—who put themselves at serious risk in the defence of Australia and for the freedom we all enjoy. We must never begrudge this support and never forget their sacrifice. As many as 62,000 Australians were killed and 152,000 wounded in World War I. It is a fact and a memory we should all take with us, especially on ANZAC Day. ANZAC is a large part of the fabric of our nation and, again, I say thank you to all the service men and women past and present.



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