Bully Zero Launch at Hallett Cove

It was great to attend and help launch Bully Zero Australia Foundation in South Australia this month at Hallett Cove. 

The organisation is very well respected right around Australia and their presence in South Australia now means that we can also benefit from their services which include, but are not limited to:

-              Empowering bully victims and their families

-              Developing bully prevention programs and raising awareness of bullying activity throughout schools, workplaces and the wider community

-              Ensuring bullies are rightfully held accountable for their actions  

I am strongly behind their zero-tolerance policy to bulling in Australia and supportive of their programs. In particular, their school programs have proven to be a very valuable service for school student’s interstate.  If you know a local school that might be interested in learning more, I am very happy to help put schools and Bully Zero Australia Foundation in touch with each other. 


Bully Zero 24hr Hotline 1800 0 BULLY [28559] | www.bzaf.org.au

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