BMX Club opportunity

BMX Club opportunity at the O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park.  

The southern end of the O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park holds great potential for a community sporting precinct evidenced by the Hallett Cove and Happy Valley BMX Clubs who have discussed joining forces to form a new club in this area.  Such a move would enable better facilities to be built that could entice state, national and international competitions. 


With interest from other sporting groups looking to move to a new location, such as local soccer clubs, this area could become a premier sporting precinct for South Australia.  I would be very proud to see the flow on benefits of such a precinct flow into Adelaide’s southern suburbs. 


I have discussed my ideas for such a precinct with the Minister for Recreation and Sport and have been working behind the scenes to engage interest from stakeholders. While there has been some public discussion on this opportunity in the media I will continue to facilitate discussions quietly as I am keen to ensure the ideas proposed are not railroaded in the early days and adopted elsewhere in the state. It would be a great disappointment for the south to miss out on what could be significant social, economic and infrastructure benefits. 

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