SA - the blackout state

To say South Australia's electricity system "responded in the way it was designed to respond" as Premier Jay Weatherill did following SA's state wide power blackout should be an alarming response for all South Australians.

Yes there was a severe weather event but we shouldn't have a system that shuts down our entire state when there is a storm.

I recently commented about the lack of a plan B and it appears Premier Weatherill is still trying to deny the fact that our electricity system is broken and we don't have an adequate plan B.

Whether we have too much renewable energy without adequate storage is one question that is being investigated but what is clear is South Australia does not have enough reliable base load power to maintain our state's energy supply in a crisis.

Electricity security to "keep the lights on" in our state is vital. In the wake of our black out we have been mocked by those outside our borders.  Not being able to guarantee power supply is highly damaging to business confidence in our state. Companies will now think twice about setting up in SA or investing in our state. Ultimately this will cost jobs for South Australians in the future and with our high unemployment rate this is something we can't afford.

We cannot be the state which pays the highest price for electricity but has the worst reliability.

To truly find out why this happened and to get the best solution to make sure it doesn't happen again in South Australia we need an independent inquiry. It is not good enough for Premier Weatherill to accept that a state wide blackout is OK. I do not accept that this is the best South Australia can be.

In this day and age we clearly need a better system. A plan that doesn't cripple our entire state should we ever experience another extreme weather event across South Australia again.

Clearly after 14 years State Labor Government and Premier Weatherill have failed.

The SA Liberal team has a plan for South Australia which is outlined in our 2036 document. We know how important electricity security is and we are committed to ensuring our state has a secure electricity supply into the future. 

Authorised by Corey Wingard MP, Member for Gibson. Level 2, 1 Milham Street Oaklands Park SA 5046. ©Copyright / Legal / Login