About Corey

Corey Wingard has a long term understanding of local issues in Gibson, he grew up in Oaklands Park and has lived in and around the area for most of his life. Corey was elected as the Member for Mitchell at the 2014 State Election, and re-elected to the seat of Gibson in 2018 following the redistribution of seats. He is proud to be a strong voice for his electorate in the South Australian Parliament.

During High School and University, Corey played football locally and worked part time at Westfield Marion, experiences which have further provided him with a real affinity and passion for Gibson.

Corey has also worked as a journalist, firstly at Channel 9 in Sydney and Melbourne and later, in the Adelaide newsroom of Channel 10, hosting a football show and a number of other major events including the AFL, IPL cricket and Delhi Commonwealth Games.

As a father of four, Corey has been actively involved in the community, as a member of the local school’s governing council, as a sporting coach for numerous teams and volunteering through several charities.

Corey sees education, security for the elderly, prosperity for business and future opportunities for young people as key areas to be addressed in Gibson.

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Why Corey became a Member of Parliament

"I decided to get involved with politics because I was sick of seeing businesses, jobs, and our children all disappearing from South Australia to other states. Rather than complain I decided to do something about fixing it. So I did.

In 2014 I was elected to Parliament in the seat of Mitchell and was recently re-elected to the newly formed electorate of Gibson. This is just one way an individual can contribute to making our state great once again; getting involved in community groups & events, supporting local business and talent, talking to MPs and Councillors about issues and then working together to achieve a better outcome are just some examples.

I am passionate about making sure that as my children grow up and are ready to start looking for work, that there are jobs available for them. South Australia is one of the worst performing states in the country on a range of key economic performance indicators and as a result a large number of South Australians are doing it tough.

I believe that if we work together, and the government listens to the people, stops the waste, and delivers, we can live in a prosperous state full of potential and climb back up the economic ladder. I am always ready to hear the views of my constituents, to better represent them in Parliament, and to fight for what is important to us all at every possible opportunity."

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