Adelaide International Tennis Tournament

Mr ELLIS (Narungga) (15:04): My question is to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing. Can the minister update the house on the Adelaide International 2020 coming this summer?

The Hon. C.L. WINGARD (Gibson—Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services, Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing) (15:04): I thank the member for Narungga for his ace question—and what an exciting time it is for tennis in South Australia, what an exciting time for sport.

We know that those opposite called game, set and match on international tennis. They didn't want it here in South Australia anymore. Well, not on this side of the net. We weren't doing that. All we hear from those opposite are backhanded comments—not good backhands, bad backhands—and they will not admit that it's their fault that we are in this position. But we will return volley, and we have done so by bringing back the Adelaide International to South Australia, with ATP and WTA tennis right here in South Australia.

We are excited by that, and it's part of the Marshall Liberal government's strong plan, a strong plan that is delivering for South Australia more jobs, lower costs and better services, and I am so excited about what we are doing in sport and recreation. We are delivering not only at the top level but from the grassroots right through to the elite level. The growth we are seeing in tennis, I love it. Some might say, 'I 40-love it', but that would be going a little too far.

The member for Narungga knows that we are delivering in the communities as well. In fact, he loves what we are serving up, and it is just the first set as well. The Edithburgh Progress Association has received $25,000 to resurface their courts, along with the Coobowie Tennis Club—another $25,000. Again, more tennis is being played in his neck of the woods. Over in the member for Chaffey's electorate, $135,000 to install new LED lighting at the Renmark Tintra Lawn Tennis Club. In the member for Colton's electorate, $25,000 to the Seaside Tennis Club—that gets a smile on the Premier's face as well.

Even in the member for Lee's electorate, $112,000 to upgrade the Grange Lawn Tennis Club and $25,000 to the West Lakes Tennis Club. It doesn't end there. In the member for King's electorate, a much-needed $369,000, a community that has been ignored for too long, but the member for King has delivered that for the Golden Grove Tennis Club.

Members interjecting:

The SPEAKER: Order!

The Hon. C.L. WINGARD: That is just a slice of the investment. I tell you what—you would agree that we are smashing it on and off the court here. In total, at last count $1.38 million has been invested into grassroots tennis alone across the state, and we are just getting started. If I can, can you let me change ends because I want to talk about the Adelaide International. I will grab a drink on the way through, just a little bit of juice, and we will talk about what's happening there at Memorial Drive.

For anyone who went to Adelaide Oval over the course of the cricket, they would have seen the canopy going up, the roof going up over the centre court, and no-one is more excited than we are on this side of the house about the announcement of some of the world-class players who are coming to play here in Adelaide. They got dropped shot by shot today, and the racket has been intense. I can tell you: Ash Barty, of course; Novak Djokovic, how exciting is that; Simona Halep; Alex de Minaur; and Venus Williams as well. The list goes on but I could run myself out on a time violation, so we will focus again on the Adelaide International, on what a great event it's going to be on Sunday 12 to 18 January.

The Marshall Liberal government is so proud to be delivering for our economy as well. This event will bring nearly $6 million into the economy to grow our visitor economy that already sits at $7.6 billion. Whilst those opposite are still yet to return serve, the Marshall Liberal government has committed more than $100 million to sport since coming into government, and I encourage everyone to get along to the tennis. Grab a ticket, get down there, it's going to be exciting. In the words of a famous South Australian tennis player, 'C'mon!'—this is going to be good.

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