Red House Group's 300 Exhibition

It was a pleasure to open the Red House Group's 300 Exhibition at Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre.



As someone with a strong sporting background I always admire and marvel at artistic talent, and it is wonderful to see so much on display from people in our community.

All the works in this exhibition are priced at $300 or below so there are some brilliant, affordable pieces on offer.

While there are so many fabulous artists on display in the exhibition I would like to mention one that I met on the night.

Jessica Olijynk's work took my eye. She has just finished Year 12 and been accepted into University, but is also keen to pursue her artistic side as well. Jessica's grand parents also had works on display and it was clear to see from where her talent has come.

Again, I highly recommend you get along and experience this free display. For more details go to this link and if you can't make it to see this display keep you eye out for future exhibitions and support our local talent. 


With Jessica Olijynk at Red House Group's 300 Exhibition 19 January 2015

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