COVID-19 health alert

SA Health has identified an additional COVID-19 exposure location in South Australia associated with a positive COVID-19 case interstate. The exposure time for the Cross Keys Hotel has also been updated.

If you attended an exposure location below, you are required to follow the relevant health advice.

⚠ TIER 1 Exposure Sites - If you were at the below location at the specified date and time, you AND your household contacts must:
  • immediately quarantine for 14 days since you were at the location
  • get tested immediately
  • get tested again on day 5 and day 13
  • complete this form to notify SA Health you were at this location
Pinnaroo – OTR Pinnaroo, 6-8 Mallee Hwy - Tuesday 31 August at 10.15pm to 11.15pm
Cavan – Cross Keys Hotel, 156 Port Wakefield Rd - Monday 30 August – 6.45pm to 8.15pm (time updated)
  • If you were at the above location, but not at the specified date and time, monitor yourself for symptoms and get tested as soon as symptoms develop.
  • You may not always receive a call, SMS or email from SA Health. You must follow the relevant health advice even if you have not been contacted.
  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, no matter how mild, please seek testing as soon as possible.
  • Find your nearest testing site at
  • More information is available at

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