Updated COVID-19 restrictions

Thank you for keeping South Australia COVID Safe.

Some restrictions on activities are easing.

The following restrictions will come into effect from 12.01am 5 August 2021:

▪1 person per 2 square metres for defined public activities.
▪1 person per 4 square metres for gyms and indoor fitness (indoor fitness facilities includes gyms, health clubs, fitness centres, yoga, barre and spin facilities, dance and pilates studios and swimming pools).
▪Sport (including school and community sport) can return to competition – restrictions on spectators.

The below restrictions will remain in place:

▪Household gatherings limited to 10 people.
▪Private activities limited to 10 people.
▪Seated consumption of food and beverage (outdoors and indoors). Communal food and beverages are not permitted.
▪No singing indoors, unless it is a performance, an education establishment or a private lesson.
▪Dancing is not permitted unless by the bridal party at a wedding or at a fitness dance studio where alcohol is not served.
▪Masks required in shared indoor public spaces, passenger transport services, health care services, high risk settings, and personal care services. Masks can be removed by a customer or client if it inhibits the provision of services by a health care service or a personal care service. Other exceptions also apply.

More information, including the new Activities Direction, will be available at http://www.covid-19.sa.gov.au/emergency.../public-activities soon.

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