Hove Crossing update

Dear Resident,

I'm getting in touch to let you know after weighing up expert advice and following extensive community consultation the Hove Level Crossing Removal Project will not be proceeding. Instead the Marshall Liberal Government will now focus on a Ten Year Level Crossing Removal Program that will prioritise and identify the highest priority level crossings for removal.

The detailed analysis of both the rail-over and rail-under design options found the least costly of the two would be around $120 million more than the available budget.

The current budget allocation of $171 million is inadequate to remove the level crossing with the rail-over option estimated to cost $290 million and the rail-under cost estimated to cost $450 million.

Given the significant budget required and our community’s views, it is only prudent that I act on this information to ensure taxpayer dollars are spent as responsibly and efficiently as possible.

As your local Member, I want to build projects that improve the quality of life for our community.

We have the best beaches, coffee and wine and it’s only natural that more and more people are attracted to wanting to live in our area.

As we grow so will the congestion on our roads. That’s why I asked my Department when becoming Minister to fully investigate congestion busting solutions along the Brighton Road Corridor through a Planning Study to identify broader options to reduce travel times and improve safety along Brighton Road and the surrounding area.

Level crossings are archaic and in a growing state like South Australia we need to get on the front foot and find solutions that are affordable and fit in with community expectations.

We got it right with Oaklands and Ovingham in the city’s inner north and we can continue to get it right.

By working with local stakeholders to identify traffic congestion and safety issues in the area, and the potential treatments to alleviate them, will help deliver a better whole of corridor solution for funding consideration.

If you'd like to discuss this further, please join me this weekend at a local Community Street Corner Meeting.

  • Saturday 26 June 2021 from 3:00-3:45PM at Keelara Street Reserve
  • Sunday 27 June 2021 from 1:45-2:15PM at Brighton Oval

I thank you for your interest and feedback provided throughout the extensive consultation on this project and look forward to continuing to work you to ensure we have the best infrastructure outcomes for our great community.

Yours sincerely,
Corey Wingard MP
Member for Gibson

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