COVID-19 restrictions update

To protect South Australians, additional measures are being introduced to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading in our state.

From 12.01am 16 July 2021, the below restrictions will be introduced:

  • 1 person per 2 square metres for defined public activities
  • 150 people maximum for private activities. This includes an event, function or gathering held at a place that does not constitute a defined public activity.
  • Masks are mandatory in high risk settings and for people providing personal care services.
  • Masks required in indoor venues with more than 50% of normal occupancy. This includes places of worship, enclosed sporting venues and cinemas, theatres, concert halls or other auditoriums.
  • No dancing at nightclubs and relevant licensed premises.
  • Dancing is permitted for members of a wedding party at a wedding ceremony or reception.
  • Dancing permitted at a dance studio if no service of alcohol takes place.
  • No singing indoors, unless it is a performance, an education establishment or a private lesson. This does not apply to residential premises.
  • No onsite purchase and consumption of shisha.

More information is available on the State Government's website by clicking here.


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