Coffee with Corey: Café Finniss

I was delighted to host my second ‘Coffee with Corey’ catch-up on the 19th of February. This month we hosted the event at the fantastic local café, Café Finniss. Lucy, the owner of Café Finniss a lovely hostess and the staff provided great service as always.

It was good to visit again after our last 'Coffee with Corey' catch-up was held at the café in July 2020.

At the catch-up I had the opportunity to speak to several members of our local community - Liliana, Connie, Krista and Meryl - and learn more about their feedback and suggestions on how we can improve local traffic along the Esplanade and Brighton Rd.

It was also good to hear more feedback regarding the Hove Crossing development. I look forward towards finding the best solution to this long-standing problem in our community, for our community.


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