2016 Oaklands Update

Oaklands Crossing 2016

I trust you have all had a happy and healthy start to 2016.

The 2016 Oaklands Crossing Campaign will kick off in February and my office has been busy planning a range of events, including listening posts at the Marion Shopping Centre and morning sessions at the Oaklands Station.

I would like to take this opportunity to assure the Oaklands Crossing Community that despite my change in Portfolio responsibilities my office and I will still be co-ordinating the Fix Oaklands Crossing Campaign.

I had a lengthy meeting with David Pisoni, the new Shadow Transport, Infrastructure and Road Safety Minister to discuss the importance of Oaklands Crossing and the need for continuous action in this area. Mr Pisoni has assured me that he will work with us to keep up the fight in Parliament.

Our first Community Listening Post for 2016 will take place on Friday February 19. I will be out the front of Kmart in the Westfield Shopping Centre between 2pm and 4pm. Keep an eye out for the Oaklands Crossing signboards and our Oaklands Champions in their orange t-shirts! I look forward to talking with the Community and providing an update on the Campaign. Anyone that would like to be involved in the Listening Post can do so by contacting Allison in my office on 8377 3500 or by email at Wingard.Mitchell@parliament.sa.gov.au. There is no need to register to be involved.

As I mentioned late last year, my Freedom of Information (FOI) Requests have returned a number of Oaklands Crossing planning documents the Government has commissioned, some from as recent as 2015. I have been refused access to these documents so have progressed the application by commencing an internal review and contacting the Ombudsman. I will keep you updated on the progress of the application. Although we are yet to see the documents it is pleasing to know the Government is seriously considering action in this area and we will keep pushing for more information and action.

I also plan to have some developments through an engineering contact in the coming weeks. I hope to have more information about this process in the next Oaklands Update.  

As always please encourage people to sign up to the Oaklands Crossing campaign on our website. I look forward to seeing many of you at our listening post at 2pm on Friday February 19.


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