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  • commented 2017-06-07 13:53:55 +0930
    Well done Cory, David and Nicole, about bloody time. Nice to see good teamwork
  • commented 2017-03-07 21:49:14 +1030
    Railway crossing arms were stuck in the down position tonight 7/3/2017 from about 5.15pm till about 6pm. traffic chaos!
  • commented 2017-02-20 10:10:07 +1030
  • commented 2017-02-20 10:09:43 +1030
    Well I broke my personal record this morning for waiting at the Oaklands Crossing – 25 minutes ! Travelling North, Diagonal Rd was banked up past the Swim Centre and Marion Shopping Centre at the normal worst period time of 8.15-8.45am. Again same issues of not just the trains but the few pedestrians stopping the traffic and also the continued unfair light sequence. With the peak traffic travelling north, WHY does single road Morphett Rd traffic get 40-45 secs while Diagonal Rd majority traffic supporting two roads worth including Sturt Rd get 20-25 secs ??? I know the south bound Diagonal Rd- continuing up Morphett Rd- traffic space between the crossing and the lights is not long but quite adequate to hold more low volume cars at that time to give priority to clear the queues and majority problem. This Morphett Rd through-way doesn’t need the priority in the mornings. Dept Transport – please look into this or provide an acceptable reason for this obvious imbalance in traffic management. I have commented before about the light sequencing for the evening peak travelling North where the road sensors are not allowing better flow after the crossing ! Simple solutions while we wait and wait for the Govt to fulfill their promises !
  • commented 2017-02-13 12:35:59 +1030
    I have read a lot of posts on this and the Marion council’s website and a lot of articles and political spin. It seems everyone wants a solution and expects someone else to pay for it. I have lived in the area since 2003 and use the crossing almost daily. Whilst I hate toll roads, after four decades of nothing happening, the Oaklands crossing could and should be Adelaide’s only toll road in order to get the problem fixed. User pays. Unpopular, without a doubt. Will it fix the problem, without a doubt.
  • commented 2016-12-18 21:03:34 +1030
    1. I think a rail underpass at Oaklands Crossing is a better idea than an overpass as over passes tend to dominate the landscape and visually separate the inhabitants.

    2. I remember before Morphett and Diagonal Roads were duplicated, they both intersected at one point near the existing train crossing. If an underpass is decided upon it would be a good idea for the Council and State Govt to re-evaluate the necessity of there being two intersections because only having one intersection could create even less traffic snarls in my opinion.
  • commented 2016-08-20 13:30:01 +0930
    I refer to CITYLIMITS issue 52 article. Why are we undecided on a solution when the 2012 study already examined all options and came up with the best option? We seem to be going backwards.
  • commented 2016-07-15 17:24:43 +0930
    I am really sick of Labour governments who do nothing, except spend money where it is not needed – O-Bahn e.g. They don’t do their research properly e.g. new hospital. They are hopeless
  • commented 2016-05-31 20:16:58 +0930
    Not sure what I’m missing-pretty uninspiring website. What is happening with the campaign? How many people are on board & providing pressure to push for change? There seems to be little information/background provided. What are the plans for future support action? I travel this route twice a day Monday-Friday. Traffic lights/pedestrian crossings, trains each way, roads converging, Coles entry/exit, cars backed up-what a mess. Surely we can do better than this in a developed country?
  • commented 2016-05-23 16:04:03 +0930
    A further holdup is caused by the incorrectly set road sensors after the crossing on the south side. When the traffic stops for the lights by the Swim Centre travelling south, and the cars are backed up to the crossing the sensors hold back the traffic waiting before the crossing. Often when the road clears ahead, the traffic is still held back with almost a clear run ahead and we have to sit and watch the northbound traffic cross with impunity! Surely the Dept Transport can get the southbound moving quicker with some co-ordination. They do it OK at the Morphett Rd Tram crossing before Anzac Hwy where when the lights turn green at Anzac Hwy, the tram stop lights turn green too, to get the traffic moving.
  • commented 2016-04-29 09:47:07 +0930
    While I don’t reside full time in the area, I frequently travel through the crossing in question. I have been delayed on numerous occasions. This crossing will deter me from visiting the area and spending money in the local shops.
  • commented 2016-04-28 10:02:54 +0930
    20 minutes of my life gone traveling from Sturt rd to the railway crossing. Something new today, a parade of cars decided to come up Addison Rd, cut accross the footpath & go into the bus stop. Hence, the traffic lights were constantly changing because of the line up of cars waiting in the bus lane. On my way home, back past the action I noticed about 6 busses stuck trying to get into the bus stop. What is going on? My son almost missed a field trip at oshc because of the congestion. Ridiculous.
  • commented 2016-04-21 10:17:20 +0930
    Hi, our family has been living near this crossing for more than 25 years and we have seen the various changes and the problems associated with this crossing. It’s a huge amount of money to do an overpass / underpass. We would all like the situation to be better but how political is this issue in terms of gaining votes? My reason for writing is to ask if there has been a thought to seriously considering the train activity across diagonal road? Is there a way that in peak hour times, train times could be slightly adjusted so that trains going in opposite directions cross at the same time. Even if the non peak hour direction train has to wait for a minute or two. I feel that this would potentially halve the wait time for traffic. In fact it might even save more than half of the time because delays are accentuated by having to slow down and stop and then start again.

    Kind regards,

    Neil Mills
  • commented 2016-04-15 16:00:07 +0930
    The main issue with the Oaklands and other train crossings is that there is no synchronisation of the boom gates being down and the train appearing at the crossing.

    There are no more trains running than before the upgrade to electric, but the boomgates remain down longer which causes massive congestion on Diagonal, Morphett and Brighton Roads.

    This congestion is much much worse since the upgrade.

    I know that the system used for signalling is NOT the one that the train controllers wanted, and that they say the old system was better!!!
  • commented 2016-04-05 12:56:59 +0930
    This crossing is a disgrace! The Government build a swimming centre right next to a huge shopping centre which is now expanding once again and still no action from this pathetic Labor Government! If we had toll roads like interstate our roads would be as good s they are interstate!!!!!!
  • commented 2016-03-16 20:22:41 +1030
    18 minutes to cross this morning… Lights went thru 8 sets of green,yellow red… No one moving… What about an ambulance,fire truck… Train, new bus slip clog late to school again!!!
  • commented 2016-03-05 12:06:26 +1030
    Hi, I travel through the Oaklands Crossing everyday and I find that I get held up more times by the pedestrian crossings at the rail crossing & the one next to Coles more than I do by the trains, especially the one next to Coles which can back traffic up right back to the Diagonal Rd/Morphett Rd intersection also.